Plevin PPI Claims

Did you know?

The deadline to submit a PPI complaint may have passed, but the opportunity to make a Plevin claim is still open to tens of thousands of people. However, most of them don't even know it.

So what is a Plevin Claim?

A Plevin claim isn't about the mis-selling of a PPI policy. It's about the commission you were charged as part of your PPI premium. You may even be shocked to learn that part of your PPI premium included commission. But it did. They all did.


And this is where the claim lies…

Susan Plevin took one of her lenders to court because she discovered that over 70% of the PPI premium she was paying was actually commission swallowed up by the lender and broker involved in the sale of her PPI. Mrs. Plevin made it clear to the court that if she'd been made aware that such a large portion of her payment was purely commission, she may not have taken out the PPI policy in the first place.

By withholding details of the secret commission, Mrs. Plevin's lender entered her into an 'unfair relationship', and the court decided she was due substantial compensation as a result.

The inclusion of secret commissions hidden within PPI policies was so widespread that it amounted to standard practice.

And people are only just starting to hear about it.

What can I do?

It's clear that many of us will have been affected by these secret commissions, and we're likely to be eligible to make a claim as a result. As Plevin claims are based upon the commission charged rather than whether the PPI policy was mis-sold, the PPI deadline does not apply.

So if your PPI complaint was rejected, it's possible you can make a Plevin claim. And in our experience, Plevin claims are worth a similar amount to PPI complaints in terms of compensation.

So get in touch, and let us investigate a Plevin claim on your behalf.

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Get in touch, and let us investigate a Plevin claim on your behalf.