Have You Been Mis-Sold a Timeshare?

If you've been pressured into investing into a timeshare, or bought a timeshare through buyback or resale schemes, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Timeshare in a nutshell

An often overheard word when it comes to being mis-sold a product, and one with a distinctly bad reputation.

What a Timeshare Offers

The word timeshare is often misunderstood, but in it's simplest terms a timeshare is a form of holiday. Once acquired you own the right to use the timeshare for an allocated period of time during a year (usually one or two weeks) in accordance with a contract sometimes spanning several years.

Other Names

Due to the bad reputation of timeshares among many people, many sellers and scammers have migrated to alternative names in an effort to disguise what they are selling. Such names include "Holiday Club", "Fractional Ownership", "Destination Club" and "Vacation Ownership"

Not Just Property

While most commonly associated with properties such as villas or apartment complexes, timeshares are also offered for things such as boats, campgrounds and recreational vehicles.

Am I entitled to a claim?

If the below points are relevant to you, then you may be entitled to a claim

Contract Since 2000?

Have you bought, traded in or upgraded your timeshare, points or fractional contract since 2000?

Paid a Deposit or Finance?

Did you pay a deposit or pay for finance with the 14 day 'cooling' off period?

Used a Credit Card or Loan?

Did you use a credit card or get a loan to finance your purchase or upgrade?

In Perpetuity?

Does your timeshare contract run 'in perpetuity' or for more than 50 years?

Excessive Fees?

Do you find yourself committed to paying overly expensive maintenance fees?

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No Win - No Fee

Successful claims made through Claims Right a trading style of The Claims Bureau Limited are subject to a Success Fee. The success is charged at 25% plus VAT of any monetary compensation awarded to the claim. Clients have a 14 day “Cooling-Off” period during which time they may cancel at any time without charges. After this time, cancellation will result in the application of the Cancellation Fee. If we have already submitted your claim, which results in an offer of compensation subsequently being made, we will charge our full fee as per our Terms of Business – our fee is 25% + VAT. See Terms of Business for details.

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