Flight Information

French Strike 12th September 2017

Update: 12th September 13:00 UK Time

We are still seeing disruption throughout our network today due to the National Strike in France. A number of our flights throughout the rest of the day will be delayed as there are air traffic control restrictions on flights. We have already had to cancel flights and may have to cancel further depending on the restrictions in place at the airports.

We understand this is frustrating for those that are affected, please continue to check flight tracker for further information. 

What to do if your flight is delayed?

Customers must still arrive at the airport for their original departure time as check in and bag drop times will not be extended. The most up to date information for all customers will be available on our flight tracker, which can be checked on the mobile app or on easyJet.com/XXXX (Your Flight Number). We also advise checking flight tracker before travelling to the airport.

What to do if your flight is cancelled?

We will contact customers via email and SMS using the details provided at the time of booking.

For cancelled flights, any affected customers will be offered a free of charge transfer to a new flight or a full refund. We strongly advise customers to AVOID rebooking flights for today, as there is the possibility of further disruption.

In accordance with EU261 regulations, you will not be entitled to claim for compensation as a result of the industrial action. However you will be entitled to claim for some expenses, further information is detailed here. Reimbursement of expenses can be claimed by using this link to our Web form and selecting expenses claims in the drop down list.

For real time information we strongly recommend all customers to check our Flight Tracker on easyjet.com/XXXX (flight number).

We once again apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused.

We have been advised of a National Strike in France on Tuesday 12th September. Like all airlines, our flights to and from French airports, as well as those flying in French airspace, could be affected.  

We are doing everything possible to minimise the impact of the strike on our customers, and we advise all passengers to allow plenty of extra time to get to the airport and consider alternative transport options where possible, as public transport services may be affected by the strike.

For up to date information we recommend that if you are flying to or from France on Tuesday 12th September to check the status of their flight on our flight tracker either on our mobile app or website: www.easyjet.com/en/flight-tracker  

Although this situation is outside of our control we would like to apologise to any affected passengers for the inconvenience caused.