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Green Planet Investments Ltd.

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Green Planet Investment Ltd.

Green Planet Investment Limited, based in Soho in London, promoted and sold investment opportunities with ‘guaranteed’ 30 percent returns on land and apartments in Brazil. Approximately 300 investors poured the accumulated sum of £14,000,000 into the scheme, only to see the building works on the Genipabu Beach Club, White Sands Towers & White Sands Country Club never materialise or even get off the ground.


Like many failed investment schemes, much of the investors money (unbeknown to them) was used to fund slick & high-end sales pitches designed to get anyone & everyone aboard a ship which ultimately was always doomed to sink.

High Pressure Sales

Many investors were even courted into high-pressure sales environments by being targeted and told they had been the lucky winners of a prize- a glass of champagne at the top of The Gherkin in Central London.

Exaggerated Guarantees

Unfortunately, once in the sights of these sales reps and their exaggerated performance guarantees, it would have been incredibly difficult to simply walk away from what was presented as the opportunity of a lifetime.


When Green Planet Investment Limited was ordered into liquidation in 2013, investors were left with no where to turn and the harrowing feeling of being conned out of their hard-earned money.

Not the first time

The director of Green Planet, Brett Jolly, is no stranger to controversial investment ploys, being the former director of a scam Carbon Credit company called Anglo-Capital Partners Ltd which was also ordered into liquidation. He was also a Director of Capital Alternatives Sales and Marketing Limited.

What Now?

The Claims Bureau would like to hear from anyone involved in the investment scams above, and promises to provide a transparent and efficient service to anyone wishing to see if they are now eligible to claim.

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