BBC Panorama Investigation

The Resort Group PLC was the subject of a BBC documentary in 2016 where the programme suggested that they COULD have had an involvement in what was described as "rip-off pensions".

After the programme the BBC had to make an apology, as a complaint was made by The Resort Group PLC quoting "unfair treatment". However, this does little to help investors who lost all their money, from advice given.

High Pressure Tactics

Many of these investors were targeted by Sales professionals and Financial Advisers alike, and through high pressure sales tactics were persuaded to part with their retirement fund or savings.

Unregulated Investment

These sales-tactics neglected to inform investors that the project was an unregulated investment meaning their money was not covered by the Financial Conduct Authority, nor were they aware of the enormous risks involved with investing in off-plan properties abroad.

BBC Panorama

The BBC Panorama investigation suggested that some staff selling the investment scheme were even told to lie to potential investors with the aim of getting "everyone to invest in Cape Verde".

  • The Cape Verde government recently set up a company in Brussels called Afroverde Capital Partners to entice EU and UK pensioners to invest up to 100 million Euros in yet more properties that are not even on the main tourist islands. This, even though Cape Verde's three main tourist islands are littered with failed developments.


  • Cape Verde is a high risk investment in an unregulated industry. Should you have problems, the Cape Verde government and courts will not help you - that has been proved by many UK and Irish investors since 2006. You may consider it safer to gamble your money in a casino.


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