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Wizz Air unveils new hand luggage policy - and it sounds a lot like Ryanair's new cabin bag rules

Wizz Air has just launched a new hand luggage policy, and while it could save their passengers some cash, we can't help but notice the similarities with Ryanair's latest cabin bag regulations .

The low-cost airline in Central and Eastern Europe has changed its rules so that, as of now, passengers can bring a bigger piece of hand luggage onboard, completely free of charge.

That could mean savings for travellers on a minibreak who can fit their essentials in a bag meeting the new 55x40x23cm maximum, with a weight limit of up to 10kg.

However, there is a catch.

Just like Ryanair 's new regulations, if you're hoping to bring a second piece of hand luggage onboard, you're going to need to fork out for priority service.

This is because only Wizz Priority passengers are allowed to bring two bags into the cabin, the second being a smaller bag of 40x30x18cm.

But that means paying up to €10 more online, or even €25 if you opt in for the service at the airport.

The same way you'd need to cough up the extra fiver for a Ryanair Priority Pass, as the budget airline also extends the baggage allowance for priority passengers only.

So what happens if you don't opt for priority boarding?

Well for a start with Wizz Air, you'll have to check in a second bag as you can only take one piece of hand luggage (although this now has the increased allowance). ( You can see the list of fees here ).

The only exception is your bags of duty-free shopping after you've passed security, which you will be allowed to take onboard.

If you do get to the cabin with your bigger bag meeting the new regulations and the overhead lockers are full, you will have to place your bag in the hold.

This will be free of charge - but of course it means you won't have your bag for the duration of the flight.

Although they do allow you to still bring your coat/blanket, mobile phone, reading materials, crutches if you need them and food and a small crib for kids under two.

This is where Ryanair seems to have the advantage, as it allows passengers one small bag free of charge on board.

So if you do show up with your bigger piece of hand luggage (meeting the restrictions of course) this will be placed in the hold, free of charge, and you can keep your handbag.

So at least you'll have your flight essentials throughout the journey.